Khaliq Sim Presents: Renaissance Revolution Ep.15 “Full Metal Racket” 05/15/21 Show Notes, Time Stamps & Goodies

Renaissance Revolution is a space where art [Red Pill/Rebel/Medicine] is repopulated. All forms of art that shines a light on the current state of our world. Art that has no authority. Thank you to all who joined and participated! Full replay and show notes below. Thank you for watching.

Renaissance Revolution: Art Dealer Suitcase [Red Pill Suitcase] Google Spreadsheet

Art Dealer Suitcase [YouTube playlist]

Show Notes [Recommendation Section]

Remeece | Footsoldiers4Freedom
InfoToons | Biden Reveals Their Plan
Sound of Freedom
MR Traumatik ft MTD | Televise The Violence
Spending Cuts | The BS of A With Brian Sack
Look Up Live | Conspiracy Music Guru
Living The Dream | Five Finger Death Punch
Trojan Man | Khaliq Sim
Operation Krispy Kreme | ManBrrPig
Worldwide Rebellion | Nattali Rize

A poll was taken for favorite recommendation: “Living The Dream” was chosen. The audience spoke, trust their judgement and check out the clip, link above!

Autonomy/Community Portfolio Spotlight 

More Light! The Journal for the New Renaissance

The Conscious Resistance [Music Spotlight]

Affiliates / Sponsors / Referrals

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Prompt Music

The Darkness That You Fear | The Chemical Brothers

New Uploads from Khaliq Sim

To Hump A Pillow Interview
My Wallet [Poem] 
Got It [I Understand] | THC Baby Marley FT Khaliq Sim [Unmastered]

Episode 16 Teaser [June 19th]


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