Khaliq Sim Presents: Renaissance Revolution Ep.14 “How I learned to Stop worrying and Love the Virus: Or Dr. Strangelove” 04/17/21 Show Notes, Time Stamps & Goodies

At Renaissance Revolution, we repopulate art [“Red Pill / Rebel Art”] that shines a light on the current state of our world. Thank you to all who joined and participated! Full replay and show notes below. Thank you for watching.

Renaissance Revolution: Art Dealer Suitcase [Red Pill Suitcase] Google Spreadsheet

Art Dealer Suitcase [YouTube playlist]

Show Notes [Recommendation Section]

Event 2001 / Media Bear
Homage the Lion Killer / Hell of a Year
Soul Quest: My 1st Ayahuasca Experience / Khaliq Sim
Devil’s Despair / Red Pill Rooster
N95 / Narcy
Welcome To The Upside Down! / WhatsHerFace
Fears Gone Viral / Freedom Family Band
Be The Light / Bettina Maureen

It’s Just a Ride / Bill Hicks

A poll was taken for favorite recommendation: “Be The Light” was chosen. Trust our judgement and check it out, link above!

Autonomy/Community Portfolio Spotlight 

More Light! The Journal for the New Renaissance

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Le Retour Flashmob / Piaf Edit

Episode 15 [May 15]


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