Khaliq Sim Presents: Renaissance Revolution Ep.12 “Eyes Wide Open” 02/20/21 Show Notes, Time Stamps & Goodies

“Renaissance Revolution’s” 12th installment “Eyes Wide Open.” At Renaissance Revolution, we repopulate art that shines a light on the current state of our world. The host and participants share art – their own or their favorite pieces. Thank you to all who joined and participated! Full replay below. Thank you for watching.

Renaissance Revolution: Art Dealer Suitcase [Red Pill Suitcase] Google Spreadsheet

Art Dealer Suitcase YouTube playlist

Show Notes:

Tourist (feat. Ian Kamau)


Lyrics & Video

Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy | Official Trailer

MrTraumatik – New World Order

Lyrics & track

Midnight Gospel ~ The Existential Trap of the Soul Prison (Death Scenes from “Annihilation of Joy”)

Rush to Judgment

The B.S. of A. with Brian Sack

What Would Big Brother Tech Have Done to History?

j.ournal poems

Premiere of “Your Future Is Designed” By Khaliq Sim

Douglas Rushkoff Interview By Infinitemaginarium [Rebirth]

Start at 4:28-9:06 mark 

Autonomy Portfolio Spotlight 

If you find yourself (as I have) looking for an environment to help you grow out of scarcity mentality, and into an abundance mindset, check out, Autonomy, the self-development “underground railroad” of independent thinkers. 

Autonomy: “Learning to control your own change, at your own pace, as you please.” Richard Grove

Here is a 4 minute testimonial video if you have more interest:

Autonomy Course Page

19 Skills PDF Optin

Feel free to reach out to me through my contact page or through my Calendly link.


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