Renaissance Revolution Ep.11 [Show & Tell ] 01/16/21 Show Notes, Time Stamps & Goodies

Thank you for watching “Renaissance Revolution’s” 11th “show and tell” presentation. At Renaissance Revolution, we repopulate art that shines a light on the current state of our world. The host and participants share art – their own or their favorite pieces. Thank you to all who joined and participated! If you have any suggestions please submit a message to my contact page, thank you!

[Writing Session Playlist]

Come Home My Child Playlist [Spotify

Renaissance Revolution: Art Dealer Suitcase [Red Pill Suitcase] Google Spreadsheet

Art Dealer Suitcase YouTube playlist

Show Notes:




Guydence Ft Ask Gabz 

Conscious Hip-hop For Mass Awakening w/ Ask Gabz & Guydence


Khaliq Sim 

Lies vs Truth

Ask Gabz 

‘People’s Faces “Faces”’

Kate Tempest


Poems for the Year 2020

Benny Wills

I Got 5g on It 


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Autonomy: “Learning to control your own change, at your own pace, as you please.” Richard Grove

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