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Journey Through Perception was published in October of 2018. It is a representation of one’s unique perception. Each person has their journey, this is mine, composed of nearly a decade of archived literature.

At the end of the page is a free e-book version of my book. The full monotized version of the book is for sale on Lulu & Amazon and iTunes.  

About the Book

“Ride along with Khaliq through what he calls his journey through perception. “Journey Through Perception” is a collection of literature which is a record of vast emotions, ranging from inextinguishable hope to unbearable fear. Be prepared to become immersed into the mind of a vibrant voyager–a mind that speaks fluently on the topics of controversy, provocation, and self-development. Khaliq is on a voyage to captivate and instigate those who dare to listen. If introspection and rumination is your food for thought, prepare to dine at the buffet for the soul.”

Journey Through Perception: A Presentation
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“Window to my soul,” excerpt from Khaliq Sim’s upcoming book “Diary of the insignificant.” Find Khaliq’s merchandize at: teespring.com/stores/Khaliq-sim https://khaliqsim.threadless.com Find Khaliq at:khaliqsim.com Minds.com @pajunior Steemit.com @khaliqsim Instagram (For a limited time) @khaliqsim Khaliq Sim on YouTube Journey Through Perception https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1483487105?pf_rd_p=f3acc539-5d5f-49a3-89ea-768a917d5900&pf_rd_r=YEB252Q11XQ199FFMGX2 Video credit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxszA6m90YM Media Woods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYpO7Ct1lQ0 iDivine Vfx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRzpp-54MQk Audio Credit Lucid Soundz Buy/Lease Beats (untagged) – https://lucidsoundz.beatstars.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPjr4xWtXSg Window to my soul Look into my eyes, what do you see? A pair of dark void holes awaiting to see, what they call vision. A pupil in respect to curiosity. Born again through the canal of novelty.  Look into my eyes, what do you see? A flash of imperial potential. Fighting off the suppression of illumination. Openly ignorant for the sake of rumination. Look into my eyes, what do you see? A coat of discrepancy. Disabling convictions, a crutch-full of restrictions. Enough passion for a new age. Look into my eyes, what do you see? Fear of the inevitable. I see, Bold flames of broad range, enough to tame the cold veins of the insane. I see, strength to break the chains of enslavement. Look into my eyes, what do you see? The windows to the galaxy #khaliqsim #nycpoet #bronxpoet #poet #poetry #poem #journeythroughperceptio #freethinker #consciouswriter

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